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 Like many artists, Robins' artistic expression started at a very early age. 

She had her first exhibit with her Grandmother at the age of 5.

As she grew older, she found that art could be expressed both through paintings

and wearable items.

 She achieved a degree in Art/Design in the mid-'90s and headed to Los Angeles to pursue her artistic dreams. She then began studying lost practices in silversmithing, making 

pendants and Chains.

 After a few years of world travels that took her to Europe, Africa, and Greece. 

She established a showroom 1998 at the California Mart in the Garment District.

 During frequent travels to Indonesia, she sub-contracted two small factories in

Bali and was a proponent for fair trade. This had her living between Los Angeles

and Bali.

  After a hiatus of raising her kids in 2010 Royal Hippie was launched. 





becomes YOUR own story

Our Story

IinIn a world where everyone looks the same.  It's nice to be able to have a choice to "Break That Mold". The Royal Hippie line aids in allowing you to express yourself with one-of-a-kind and or limited edition handbags and jewelry.

Our Vision

We aspire to provide unique high-quality handbags and jewelry. We give back to the community by supporting our local Food, and Woman's battered shelter.

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